Thursday, 15 September 2016

6 reasons to make Pilates part of your life

If you’re thinking about trying Pilates here are our top 6 reasons why we at Pilates Place think you should give it a go!

1. Pilates is holistic
Pilates is exercise for your whole body, from head to toes. At the same time as you stretch and strengthen your muscles, you also control your breathing and learn good posture. Lots of people find Pilates very relaxing, but it can also be energising leaving you raring to get on with your day!

2. Pilates is suitable for (almost) everyone…
We often hear people worry that Pilates isn’t for them because they can’t sit or lie down on the floor. Well, the good news is you don’t have to! If you want to go to group Pilates classes, a good teacher should be able to modify all the exercises to be done sitting in a chair or standing. Better yet, you can take up Studio Pilates where the exercises are done on large pieces of equipment.

3. …but Pilates is not a soft option
Another thing we hear all the time is people dismissing Pilates because they think it’s not “real exercise”. Have we got news for you!! Above all, Pilates is extremely versatile. The most advanced Pilates exercises are extremely difficult and require great physical strength and concentration. If you're super fit (and dedicate a lot of time to Pilates!) you could eventually be doing moves like these...

The spectacular moves of Spanish Pilates teacher Cassia Frade

4. Pilates is perfect for people who sit at their desk all day
Pilates helps correct poor postural habits office workers learn from sitting in the same position all day at their desks. Pilates will stretch out your hamstrings, strengthen your core muscles, and make you more aware of how you hold your body – all of which will help you to reduce low back pain when seated or standing.

5. …and Pilates is extremely beneficial for athletes
Do you play golf? Tennis? Maybe you love swimming, cycling, horse riding, or dancing? Pilates is a great way to increase your strength and flexibility to help you reach new heights in your chosen field.
British tennis champ Andy Murray doing Pilates on the Cadillac

6. Pilates makes you feel good!
This might be the best reason of all… Have we already mentioned that Pilates helps relieve and prevent pain from stiff joints and poor posture? So it will certainly make you feel physically better, but like all forms of exercise, it will also release endorphins which lift your mood and help you feel fantastic. And, because Pilates is low impact and tailored to fit your ability level, you shouldn’t feel over-exerted after your class.

So there you have it!
We are convinced Pilates can help you, so why not give it a try? If you already enjoy the benefits of Pilates please tell us about your experience in the comments below!

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