Thursday, 16 February 2017

Peta's A-Z of Pilates: B is for ...

Pilates encourages you to think about your breathing, so in Peta's A-Z of Pilates B is for ...

We all breathe naturally, and yet when we exercise sometimes we forget to breathe. This can be counterproductive!

Pilates encourages you to inhale and exhale at the best points of each exercise. Breathing at the correct point of the exercise can make the movement you are performing flow with ease, providing oxygen to the muscles to move efficiently.

But, the most important thing is not to hold your breath. Pilates teaches us to breathe so that the ribs move outwards on the inhalation, while keeping the shoulders down.

Thursday, 2 February 2017

Peta's A-Z of Pilates: A is for ...

Pilates is the best way to help naturally re-align the body, so in Peta's A-Z of Pilates A is for ...


You may not always be aware that you are not well-positioned when lying on your Pilates mat. Even when performing standing exercises, it can be hard to tell if your posture is uneven.

When you practise Pilates with an instructor, they will observe how you position yourself and give you feedback. "You're a bit wonky!" or maybe, "Just move your left foot up a bit... a bit more..."

With your instructor's guidance and the gentle influence of the exercises, you will begin correct your alignment immediately.

Once you are properly aligned, you will feel that your joints move more freely and with less effort. And that's what Pilates is all about!