Thursday, 24 November 2016

Guests, goodies, and giggles! What went on at our Open Day

So, did you make it down to Stratford for our Open Day? If you did, we'd like to say a massive thank you for helping to make the day a success. If you didn't make it ... here's what you missed!

We welcomed lots of guests to the studio from 10am, including Ollie & Si from 102 Touch FM. We got them on the equipment straight away and put them through their paces!

They were very good sports, and straight away they could see the benefits of Pilates. Soon everyone wanted to try our shiny new Reformers for themselves!

We had time for a chat and a giggle too ... who said Pilates was hard work?!

When it was all over we gave out our lovely goody bags ... what did you get in yours? We loved the yummy snacks provided by local Stratford company Nuts in ya Mouth!

Goody bags waiting to be grabbed
If you came to see us on Saturday, maybe you can spot yourself in one of the fab photos taken on the day by our friends at 102 Touch FM.

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Pilates: A solution for back pain

We all know someone with a bad back.

Most of us have also suffered from back pain ourselves - in fact, it's one of the most common health problems in the UK. About 30% of the workforce has taken time off because of back pain, costing the economy millions. Roughly 7 out of 10 people with back pain suffer with it for as long as ten years, or even longer!

Of course, if you have any kind of serious or persistent pain you should talk to a medical professional before doing anything else. But, if you already know what's causing your pain and there isn't a medical problem, Pilates is hands down the most effective way to treat it.

Pilates relaxes and strengthens the group of muscles that support the spine. Relaxing these muscles is crucial because tension and muscle spasms contribute to pain.

Strengthening the back muscles is one of the major benefits of Pilates. Lynne Robinson, the co-founder of Body Control Pilates, recently confirmed: "The goal of Pilates is to make the spine both stable and mobile."

A 2-Step Plan for Stopping Back Pain

1. Come to our Open Day on Saturday 19th November to learn more about how Pilates can help you... Pick up a free goody bag and try a taster Reformer class!

2. Click here to download your free copy of Peta Davies's Amazingly Simple Guide to Reduce Low Back Pain featuring 6 easy-peasy exercises to do at home.